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    We offer our expertise in market and financial management
    to support our partners towards excellence in
    quality and sustainability.
    We offer several cases of long term partnerships
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LUMBEX is your most reliable partner in any of these areas.
We have a tradition of successful partnerships in the wood business all over Brazil.

Our Products
Lumbex has been in the market of South American hardwoods since the year 2000, always respecting the environment, the customers and our suppliers.

After working initially with the Chinese market, supplying Red Cabreuva (Santos Mahogany) for many customers, we’ve diversified our markets towards USA (specially decking), Europe and Middle and Far East, including Japan.

At this moment, we reach over 40 countries and we are very proud of having good friends in each of them.


We meet any quality and size requirement within Lacey Act and EUTR regulations. We also supply, directly from our qualified suppliers, FSC certified material.


Directed mainly for the Chinese market this is a big part of our business. We respect our customers and the chain of commerce.


In as many species as S4S KD, we supply S2S AD material in any commercial dimensions required.

Sawn Timber

We supply quality furniture sawn timber to the Caribbean and other markets.

Some Produced Species
Since 2015, we have developed a vertical integration in our operation. With that, we have not only achieved a more effective environmental awareness, but also we have developed more species to offer to different markets.


Tabebuia spp


Hymenea parvifolia


Dyipteryx spp


Apuleia molaris

Angelim Pedra

Hymenolobium petraum


Erisma Uncinatum


Cedrelinga Catenaeformis


Mezilaurus itauba


Qualea paraensis


Buchenavia grandis


Astronium lecointei


Peltogyne paniculata


Diplotropis purpurea


Martiodendron elatum

When dealing with our crew, you will be speaking to a very capacitaded and proactive professional. From production to shipment, we will do our best to ensure customer and producer satisfaction.

Sergio A. Silva

One of the founders of the company, Sergio has a background in Economics and wide experience in company management as well as in the development of new products and markets. He speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese. You can contact him at +55 (41) 99973-4689 or via sergio@lumbex.com for any general enquiries about our company or its products.

Milton W. Lee

Also founder of the company, with background in Engineering, Milton specializes in the Chinese maket. He speaks Mandarin and Cantonese, as well as English. Please contact him at +55 (41) 99974-5449 or at
m​ilton@lumbex.com,​ specially if you are in China or Taiwan.

Reges E. Schio

Reges came aboard in the year 2011, when Lumbex decided to invest in the European and Caribbean markets. His background in business and his long experience in procurement and sales towards those markets have been helping Lumbex excel, Reges speaks English and Spanish, as well as his native Portuguese. You can contact him at +55 (41) 99987-1607 or at reges@lumbex.com

Yisela Quintana

Yisela came to us to reinforce our purchasing strength at Spanish speaking countries. She is native in Spanish and she is also fluent in English and Portuguese, adding strong procurement skills to her training in Foreign Trade, If you are a supplier in Bolivia, Peru or Colombia, or any Spanish speaking countries, please contact her at +598 (2) 711-2094 / +598 9529-9693 or at yisela@lumbex.com

Gaston Monza

Gaston takes care of our sales to countries of Spanish language, such as Uruguay, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. He is native in Spanish, and also speaks English, with a background in accounting. If you are a customer with Spanish as your first language, please contact Gaston at +598 (9) 509-7375 or at gaston@lumbex.com

Marc Pinon

An engineer by training, Marc is our expert in the European and Israeli markets. He is native in French and also speaks English and Portuguese. If you need any lumber materials in Europe, please contact him through +55 (41) 99978-1607 or at marc@lumbex.com

Contributing for a Greener World
Lumbex has the strongest commitment to preserving the Amazon Forest, source of our living. Logging made according to the techniques of forest management prevent deforestation and help local communities to extract wooden and non-wooden products from the jungle, adding effort to the conservation of their way of life.

We are strong supporters of the zero deforestation projects and we act actively to help this effort.

All of our exports are based on legally verified documents, third party certified, to ensure our customers comply to their Lacey Act and EUTR requirements.

Please come meet us and see by yourself what we are talking about. Or are you one of those who think taking 5 trees per hectare (10,000 m2) of land will destroy the forest?

Please watch the videos below to help your understanding or our business.

OUR FOOTPRINT When we harvest our sustainable forests, of course there is a footprint. There is no economic activity without a footprint. Modern harvest technology allows minimum footprint left.

THE ALTERNATIVE Left side of the photo: full deforestation for farming / agriculture. Right side of the photo: sustainable forest harvesting leaving over 97% of the original forest untouched.

"Development" without Preservation Again the comparison between a change of use in the land, where all forest was replaced by grass and a planned sustainable forest.

Preservation with development The conservation of the forest coverage and the local development can be achieved simultaneously using technologies already existing.

Get in Touch With Us If you prefer to contact us, just direct message or contact info below.

  • Rua João Negrão, 731 cj 2003 - Centro 80.010-200 - Curitiba - PR - Brazil
  • sergio@lumbex.com
  • 55 41 99973-4689

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